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Yet another hilarious episode of these wacky people. I enjoyed it. May have to go back and read it again to laugh some more.
Darn 750 word limit! Hilarious, as usual. Nice job. :)
I want, no, I need illustrations! In total agreement with the person who said this would make a great comic strip. Funny!
I hesitate to ask whether there was meant to be a point to this delightful and drole lunacy? Certainly very, very different.
Hehe, funny. I could see this as a comic strip, too. I was a little confused about if this was making fun of treehuggers or pollutants, or both, but maybe that's because I haven't read the previous ones.
Very entertaining, boarding strange, but I like that. Anything that reaches out from different angles to reach readers is a blessing to me. I enjoyed the read. God bless.
It was funny in places. You have a unique brand of comedy, Josh. You never seem to run out of material.
What fun! and now I'll never remember how to spell
Clever, clever. Loved the EmishSON part... LOL. Seriously though? Deep scars for gifts unreceived?? Man, I am in trouble with my kids... Do make this a comic strip though!
You have an active imagination.
All of this over a bubble lawn mower?!? Oh, Josh, how DO you DO it?????? Thanks for making reading (and, life) so much fun. :)