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Very interesting format and eplanation. Thanks for sharing this.
Nice job with the poetry. I don't think you needed the explanation at the top. The poetry below stood by itself.
Beautiful poetry! I'm not sure if the explanation was absolutely needed, but it was interesting to know the background. This is an ambitious achievement... I'm impressed!!
Interesting and ambitious piece. Thank you for sharing these poems with us.
Honestly, the first time I saw this piece I skipped over it because of the long explanation at the beginning. After seeing your hint, I reread the entry. I think the beautiful poems stand by themselves as examples of wonderful writing. The images and word choices are great.
Very lovely poetry. I agree that they did not need the opening author's note...made the piece feel like a lesson from a English text book. I think the single line that listed the types of poems would have been an appropriate author's note at the very end.
Beautiful work.
I learned something from your intro for whatever that's worth but your poetry was spot on. I love your style (all of them!) Kudos!
WOW!!!! I loved these, and I learned a lot from them. Gorgeous, gorgeous writing. I'm thinking that you should be the conference speaker on poetry, not I. I need to go look some of these up...
I love this.

Thank you for the explanation of a cyclical poem. Although I do agree, the poems themselves stand well without it.
Wonderful collection! Each could beautifully stand alone, but together, they make a delightful summer picture!