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An intriguing story. This seems to be part of a much larger piece. Continue telling the story.
How hard that time in history must have been on the children, children who didn't understand why their world was changing. Thank you for this interesting look into this dark period of time.
An ominous and vivid portrait of a world in transition, with good historical detail. As you say, everyone knows what came afterwards. Well done.
An interesting historical insight. It struck me a little unusal for the pastor to discuss election results with teenagers, but maybe that is consistent with the time period you are writing about. Good job.
I thought the word crystal in the first paragraph was brilliant foreshadowing for this story of one familys personal Kristallnacht. Or if not foreshadowing, at least a really powerful resonant connection with the end of the story. I wondered whether jagged in paragraph four was also intended for this/these effects.

Something strange was going on with your opening quotessometimes superscripted, sometimes subscripted.

The moodsplural--were well done which is hard to do in the word limit.
Wow... very well done. You have left me with a heavy heart for this time in history, once again... so sad.
Thank you for this incredible piece of history. Your grasp of the time shows, and the descriptions are captivating.