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Too funny! It definitely is "a guy thing." But retreating to the bathroom is sometimes the only thing we moms can do to get some peace and quiet. LOL
Great job - clever presentation.
Blessings, Lynda
Now I get it! We just had a baby 6 weeks ago and my wife's bathroom visits are getting longer all the time. Thank you for opening my eyes with this entertaining article!
This was great!!! :-D Wonderful job!
Ah, the great escape! Too funny! I hope to see this piece in the winner's circle.
Everything about your article is delightful..from the title to the last word. I love it!
Looks like a contender to me! Thank God for locks on bathroom doors!
Ah! now you've revealed to the guys what the mums do in the bathroom...great work!I'm still laughing!Thanks for sharing.
A great story with a smooth, clever presentation! Every line seemed to fit! Good job. :-)
Enjoyable read. Great job.
This was very funny and well presented .... I say as I type on my laptop in the restroom! (KIDDING ... I'm not in the restroom!) rofl! Thanks for putting this out there. I loved it.
LOL - I just read this one after a much need "retreat" (which meant putting my lap-napping son on the floor and woke him up :(

Very fun and I could relate to it a lot!
Fun! And obviously many of us, your readers, can identify! CONGRATULATIONS on your win!
What a fun story. I smiled through the entire read.
I loved this! We are remodeling right now and only have a curtain for a door to our bathroom-I have got to get my husband to hang that door!
DEFINITELY worth first place. I LAUGHED so hard...unfortunately in this house, there is not one bathroom on which I can lock a fact, the master bedroom toilet sits on the edge of the carpet... Ugh....glad I'm moving...looking forward to the "restroom" in my new home. THANKS FOR SHARING! Again CONGRATS ON FIRST!!!!
This is a great read -- congrats on your win! I'd actually never thought of using the bathroom as a literal restroom, but I'll keep it mind for future use. :-D
Down-to-earth, relevant and worthy. Congratulations!
This was my favorite entry of the week by far! Congratulations on a well deserved win. I started laughing at the first line and only stopped when it ended. I have known some men who made a retreat out of their restroom--and if you count bath time, it is my favorite retreat as well! Great work.
A well deserved win, easy to relate to, and great use of humor. I have often used the restroom for a break since becoming a Mum!
Is there room for one more comment? Johnny come lately, ME: Great story! Precious! and a subject SO delicate has been handled so humorously and efficiently, not to mention WINNINGLY! Kudos! Accolades! And Congratulations!