The Official Writing Challenge
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And, as winter naps perchance he dreams…ah there is the rub. This is absolutely delightful, resourceful and creative – it always amazes me how the old bard’s words contain such wisdom and depth regardless the circumstances or company they happen to be in. This must have been a fun piece to write. Great job!
Incredibly creative and entertaining. I have a hunch I know who wrote this.
Clever and witty.

I cherish those who dare take a leap into imaginative possibilities.

I grow weary of what I call formula writing. I know it meets certain market needs but after awhile it becomes quite predictable.

Thanks for this daring venture.
I don't know enough Shakespeare to really appreciate the cleverness involved, but I liked the attitudes, or voices, of the different seasons.
Dast I speculate who hath penned these noble words? I'd like to see this one produced.
Hooboy! What a riot! I wanted to whack Spring over the head-a good half dozen times! ROFL! Had me laughing all the way through once I figured out where this was going and I love the shakespeare bits thrown in. Wonderful stuff!
Very out of the box creative! Congrats on your EC!
I read this several times this week and shared it with others. Every person found such treasures in did I. Exceptional. Someone please, put this on a stage!
This is so clever, yet profound. You capture the distinct "personalities" of the seasons very well. Love how skillfully you use the Shakespeare quotations! Congratulations on your well-deserved EC!!
Oh, totally fun and clever.
Congrats! Way to Go, Gregory!
Very clever—too much so for me (lol). If you had insisted on an exam, I would have failed miserably.

Well done.