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Nicely done. Left me feeling decidedly sluggish
I greatly enjoyed your word choices. I usually lose interest in poems before the end, but read every word of yours. Good job.
As a bird lover, I enjoyed your descriptions of your backyard "neighbors". I could feel the heat and lethargy of a hot summer day. Good job.
Great wording - like "human flocks" and "choir lofts throughout the trees." Nicely done, a joy to read.
Loved your playful words and detailed summer events. Nice rhythm and bounce, even though it was hot! Blessings.
Wonderful imagery--send this one to Birds and Blooms magazine!
I like the pictures you painted. I feel hot (even in the air conditioning).
This is a keeper, that's for sure! I loved the read! Big time kudos!
LOL at your title. This made me chuckle. Good job!
I think I felt steam rise from my keyboard and mouse as I read this great poem.
Congratulations!! Excellent job.
This is such a rich and vivid depiction of summer. You really capture the essence of it through your marvelous imagery. Congratulations!
Loved the poem...the images it evoked, the flow of the words, the wonderfl descriptions...all joined together to make it a great read.
Congrats on your win.
Ohh, I could feel the heat. Great poem! Congratulations!
Congratulations! I loved your poem.
Perfect! I loved every part of your delightful poem. You make me wish I could write poetry. Congratulations!
This made me quite relaxed. Congratulations on the job well-done and well-rewarded.
I love birds and I love your poem! Congratulations - very well done!
This creative entry had me yearning for iced tea. Perfect rhyme and meter, wonderful picture phrases and this held my interest from start to finish. Great job. Congratulations on your win.