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Very realistic scene. Sometimes the bathroom is the only "retreat" we mothers get. But even then we're not alone. LOL
Great job. Loved the skit.
Blessings, Lynda
Adorable! Calgon, take me away!
Cute drama! Yay for bubble baths!!! :-)
There's just no privacy when kids are in the house! Good work!
Bubble bath? What's that? :) Adorable skit; so true regarding the life of many moms!
Funny :)
This sums up my summer holiday at the moment!
I can relate! Wouldn't this be a great skit to do AT a women's retreat?
Very enjoyable to read. I like the way that prayer is so connected to everyday life.
I've never heard the phrase "popcorn prayer" before, but it's a perfect description. Delightful!
This is so practically true of any mother's life! A really cute skit!
Very nice - nothing like a nice relaxing bubble bath and time with God.
Oh so true! I remember the days when the bathroom was a quiet place, no more...sigh. This was a great piece, I too would love to see it used at a women's retreat!
What a great twist at the end ... despite the title, I hadn't realized that she was in the bath - excellent. I love to take my worship music in when I have a bubble bath - it is a real retreat!
You got me on this one! LOL! I keep having favorite ones! Totaly relate to the "popcorn prayer." :) Loved it!
Great skit. This needs to be used - and not just at Women's retreats! I'm amazed that anyone can write a skit in under 750 words and do such a great job of it! Thanks for sharing.
Simple, effective, very strong entry. Could it be the first drama in the top 8? Great message.
hahaha! That was great. I loved the surprise of her being in the bathroom at the end (I know the title should have clued me in, but hey, what can I say, I got involved in the story and forgot the title!) Good job!