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An interesting story. I like your sense of humor. There were several misspelled words, however. A spell check would be in order.
An excellent picture of compassion but the ending (was it a dream?) somehow felt abrupt. Maybe it was the almost asleep in the first paragraph.
I did enjoy this story. My son had to read The Martian Chronicles in which the Martians and humans were able to "speak" telepathically so it reminded me of that. I agree with both ladies--grammar check since no words were actually mispelled and let it end at the cat's prayer of thanks to the Lord. The idea of a dream discounts your wonderful line about the language of compassion.
It is wonderful that God's compassion extends even to sparrows, that he understands perfectly what each needs, and that he is wise enough to choose between needs. One thing that didn't quite read right was the Sparrow's "Yes, I can" coming in the paragraph before the reply "You speak bird?" I had to re-read that bit to trace who was talking. (the sparrow in both cases.)