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The acrostic around your title was a nice idea, and it certainly is on topic.

You really shouldn't have included all of 2 Peter 3, not least because it infringes on copyright for the NIV. The NIV license if fairly generous in allowing people to use extracts, so long as, among other things, they don't form more than 50% of the work in which they feature--which unfortunately the chapter here clearly does. Instead I should have been inclined to add a few paragraphs of devotional or explanation of the story with a few key verses, while giving the reference for those who want to examine the matter for themselves.
This was creative. I thought the acrostic was a neat idea.
Very, very clever! I love acrostics and you did a great job with this one!
Very clever acrostic and apt cautionary tale.

Perhaps a little bit of a tweak for smoother meter?

I'm very fond of acrostic poems, and never would have thought of doing one for the subject you've used. Very creative!
I liked your acrostic. I have done a few acrostic poems, but never one that made a story, like yours. Nice job!
Very creative. I'm really starting to like acrostics.
I enjoyed reading this creative piece! Thanks for the reminder about watching for the signs.
First I have to admit that I'm a poetry dunce, but I'm not sure I fully get it. I had to read it a few times to understand who was talking and when. I liked the idea of all the first letters of the lines spelling out a theme. That helped me understand the piece more.
Very creative! Thanks for sharing!
Unique writing on the topic and very enjoyable.
Part of me wants to congratulate you for including the entire text of 2 Peter 3 (the part that thrives on the Word) to illustrate your verses, but most of me thinks it might have been too much - maybe a shorter passage would be more affective. By the time I finished the piece, I had to go back and re-read the poem to remember how good it was. But then it meant so much more. So you could say I'm divided. ;)