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I really enjoyed the switching back and forth between the characters and the thoughts and feelings were well expressed. Would have liked to see grandma reading the letter be part of the story. Good writing.
What a wonderful letter! Too bad Susan didn't plan the party...a "Because of You" slide show might have been enough to make Grandma pull those covers off her head! Great descriptions!
A meaningful interchange of thoughts between the young and the old, one of the dynamics I believe God intended for the human soul to experience ...

Well done.
This is an excellent, thought-provoking article. How many people in our lives are just waiting to hear that because of them, someone's life was a little better? Certainly made me think.
Great hint, BTW. And a very good entry. I hope you place high with this one, dearheart.
I would have liked to see the ending expanded but I'm sure because of word count you had to leave it here. A few puncuation problems but overall a good job.
I love the "because of you" note! Wonderful idea and enjoyed the thoughts of the family members.
The grandmother's losses brought tears to my eyes...very moving. And the note tied everything up nicely...very clever way to explain everything. Very good job!
Great entry..."It's a wonderful Lifeish" in nature. Some days it's nice to know that we've touched someone else's life. I'm sure the grandmother loved the letter!
I'd be willing to bet Grandma gained new perspective from this note. I sure would.

Nicely written. I liked how you mingled the family's plans in with Grandma's own thoughts.
If I had commented first, I would say all the things everyone else did. LOL Terrific story!
I really love this entry and how the letter provides an encouraging perspective for grandma. I wish, too, that Grandma has read the letter as part of the whole story.
Thanks for writing.
Really enjoyed the contrasts between Grandma's thoughts and the family's conversations. Clever. The note was priceless, and a gift that anyone would LOVE to receive. Beautiful!
An enjoyable read - very interesting story. Extremely creative and slap bang on target. All the best with it! Colin
Congratulations on your well deserved "Highly Commended". It's an honor to know you.
Great story and congratulations on you placing!
Congratulations, Connie! I am so proud of you! Well done, dear friend.
YAAAAAAAAYY! GREAT job on this entry, Connie! Congrats on the Highly Commended--there's such heavy competition in level 3, with so many entries--it is a very meaningful placement.