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Well done. You took me back to my junior high years, when I volunteered in a nursing home. I visited everyone, but Pearl was my Anna. She was sweet and lovely; she told me about the Lord--I didn't know Him then. Her roommate, Gladys, was nothing like Pearl. She yelled at me every time I visited, sometimes throwing things at me. Pearl said she was afraid. At 13, I didn't understand that. Then one Saturday I arrived to find a bustle of activity outside Pearl's door, where her name had been removed. "Where have they moved Pearl?" I asked, thinking she'd finally requested a new roommate. The truth hit me hard, but not as hard as it hit Gladys. I heard weeping from her room. She was slumped in the corner. As I entered, she waved me over. "Our Pearl is gone! What will I do?" Then she asked if I would still visit her, though she had treated me horribly. I hugged her...every Saturday.
Tenderly told.
Bless you for staying with Anna. This is one of my big questions for God when I get to Heaven: "Why does it have to be that way for so long?" I'm pretty sure you earned a jewel that day.
Oh, what a moving account! This sounds like a true story, if so, what a special person you are. I was in tears by the end.
This tender story fit perfectly to the topic. It also gave the reader some insight to what a nursing home is like--quite sad mostly. Thank God for the caring servants such as your MC.