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HA HA That was too funny "...a gleam in my cataracts" Love it! Great story, great attitude.
So very rich! Love your characters. The gold filling was a plus! Didn't see that coming. By the way, I'm taking my three grandsons gold panning before school starts back. Not sure what I'll do if I have the luck to work beside a loudmouth. He might lose more than a filling.
I loved Grandma. I'll bet she's a feisty lady. LOL This was fun to read, beginning to end.
What a charming story and wonderful grandma! Loved it!
This one of those "laugh out loud" entries! I LOVE IT! And I love grandma! I've been gold panning with my dh so I could relate to all you wrote. What a fun piece!
What a delightful character and love the story. I'm glad she didn't keep the "gold."
Heehee-how fun! I loved Gram's "gold" what a delightful piece, and it sure served that fellow right. I wanted to smack him for laughing at her penny loafers. Great stuff!
This is one "wicked cool" grandma! LOL at the "midget coupe-de-crate"!!! Upbeat and jovial read, for which I thank you.
A very witty piece. Gold for the golden-aged. How creative! Thanks - Colin
Some great characterisation here. I never even knew that it was possible to go panning for gold as a leisure activity. What a fun and funny entry.