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I can't help but love Zoe - what a great imagination, maybe too much so for her humdrum 5th grade world. Great writing!
A very enjoyable read!
Clever and imaginative. I suspect that it would flow a little better if you could use some stronger formatting effects to highlight the fantasy sections. I appreciate that you have done this with the tilde but I only picked this up myself on my second read. Personally I would recommend use the Italics tag. But a fun story that certainly raised a smile
This truly hits home as a teacher. It's true, each child has a God-given, unique way of learning. The challenge is trying to fit all their "uniquenesses" together. What a fun story. Your MC was delightful.
So cute and a great concept. I stumbled over the flow between Zoe's inner and outer world, maybe some formatting changes as suggested would have been helpful. Really enjoyed this one!
Awww! I loved Zoe! She was charming and delightful character and I felt sad that she wasn't fully "appreciated" for her uniqueness by the others. This was a neat story! Thanks for sharing and congrats on your highly commended! ^_^
Great story...well written...congrats on your placement!
Thank you, everyone, for your feedback! I do have a question that I'll probably post on the message board as well -- do I get the italics? I originally wrote Zoe's thoughts in italics but then couldn't figure out how to get them to transfer to the format.
This is the funniest entry I've seen since I joined FWs. I hope you churn out more of these.
I can so relate to Zoe! I was exactly the same when I was at school. She's my kind of 5th grader. Well done on the Highly Commended!!
Jenny, I'm going to feature this delightful story on the Front Page Showcase for the week of September 27. Look for it on the FaithWriters Home page...and congratulations!