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Interesting, good writing ... but I have to admit... I just didn't get it.
Interesting but I'd like to have seen some resolution to the mystery.
This definitely held my attention! Great descriptions. I definitely wanted to know what happened at the end. You have a great story-starter there.
I hope you will continue to work on this interesting story and bring its mystery to some resolution. I loved the mother in this piece--blaming her daughter's absentmindedness on the father's side of the family.
I'm going to surf up the coast to your house and get you if you don't resolve this for all of us waiting with baited breath! So far, so GOOD~!!
I guess I'm more like your MC than I care to admit. I understood her perfectly. The only thing I wondered about was that Bob was due home "tomorrow" but it was actually Sunday now. Where was Bob? I think this was a very accurate telling of what a person goes through when you lose gaps of memory... no matter what the health reason.
Oooh! You canNOT end here. LOL! There's too much story. I want it to be a mystery! lolz. No losing her mind for real, but you did great with creating such an intriguing start in so little words! Excellent stuff! ^_^
Mysterious and intriguing....would like to know the resolution. Good stuff!
OK. Is this a dream? I have the same feeling that I get when I get interested in a TV program and then learn it is a 2-parter, knowing I will never remember to see the 2nd part. Is the MC losing her mind...or am I?
Two words: wonderfully weird.
I like it...