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Indeed, only God can give you inner quietness in the midst of a din.Thanks for sharing...
Precious Memories! How they linger!
a busy busy buzz- then aaaaahhhhh, we realize that we're in the flow of our creativity- and HIS plan for us. Thanks for this delightful reminder of that feeling
What a fun, unique read!
Very well done- I could smell the cookies and hear the noise of the kitchen!
Whew! I'm exhausted and need a retreat! Great writing!
Loved it!
Oh - this reminded me that I have to go to work today. I will look forward to the end of the day when I can retreat. Great story - a fun read!
Blessings, Lynda
This was adorable...and exhausting! I just got up and I now need a rest! :)
I'd love to visit this place, but Yikes! I wouldn't want to work here! Good job capturing the flavor of the shop!
I can sure tell you've been there, done that! What a slice of real life busy-ness! A real treat to read!
Very nice - having worked in a bakery for awhile, I could relate!
ok ... I'm tired just reading this! And hungry.... hmmm. Wonder what's in the fridge! lol! Seriously, well crafted. Very effective.. really felt the frustration and jumbled / busy life. The difference in writing between the present and the memory of mother was excelent! In my book a top 8 finisher. Might need a bit more emphasis on the retreat aspect, though. We'll see!
Delightful article, a couple of grammar issues - the run-on in the first paragragh threw me - some other nit picks. Thanks for sharing.

I love the way you showed the non-stop nature of work, and contrasted it with your mother's cooking by the lake.

The inclusion of the lake was a give-away as to your identity, Lakie!
Whew! Thanks for taking us behind the scenes in such a fun read! But also thanks for reminding us how God has given us the Supernatural ability through Him to have a quiet retreat anywhere! Yes, the lake gave it away! ;)
The busyness of a popular dining place was excellently conveyed by the character's running monologue. By the time you got to the description of that retreat in your mind of your mother's kitchen at the summer cottage, I was waiting for a moment of rest. It came at just the right moment. And then the shift back to the reality of the moment...gulp! This is one of my favorites this week!!
A racy read aptured the busyness of the kitchen really well. I was overwhelmed. By the things your character had to achieve. Well done.