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This is absolutely fabulous! What a story. Excellent job.
Oooh, thank you for sharing this! What a bessing to see this familiar story in a new light!
I like the suspenseful atmosphere of this story.

I'm not clear on why you used "Nick" instead of "Nicodemus". Maybe if the rest of it was re-set in modern times, it'd make more sense? As it is, it jarred me a little bit. Oooh, maybe that was your intent?

Excellent writing skills!
I've always liked this story, and your opening descriptions drew me into this version. My favorite moment is when "Nick" chooses to step into the light...and it makes me think about times when I'd rather remain in the shadows, to my shame. Good job.
Great retelling of a familiar gospel account. Well done!
Great twist on the story. Using the name "Nick" kept me from guessing for awhile. Very nice.
You really put me in the middle of a familiar story with the details, the suspense, and the dialog. "Nick's" fear of coming into the light was conviction of my own fears of revealing too much of my own faith to my peers at times. Excellent!
Good one! I'm glad Nick decided to go ahead and step into the light. Good job!
I liked this unusual twist on a familiar story. Great job of drawing the reader into the story!
Excellent writing using a familiar Biblical event. I like how you made "Nick" come to life. Good reminder to all of us that those Biblical characters were indeed human just like the rest of us.
Well written, interesting modern-rewrite of a known Bible account. Maybe he had a nick called Nick.
Thanks. Colin
What an interesting retelling...well done!
Congratulations on your highly commended! You have such a creative mind. This is one example.