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Very good indeed. Yes, I'm one who believes the God who created the animal kingdom will work it out.
This broke my heart!
I think there's a future for this poem on the wall of every humane society. Domestic pets are just that and for the most part can't take care of themselves. Such a sad but ever so true poem.
Great read from an obvious cat/pet/animal lover. Great job!
I wish I hadn't read this! No offense... it's VERY well written and powerful... but... (sniff) excuse me while I go hug my two kitties... (sob)
Good writing - an ejoyable rhyme, but I can't warm to the animals that pooh anywhere but in their own backyards.

Just kidding - ahem!

Excellent poem.
What does scarity mean? It is not a word.
Yes! It most certainly needs a tissue warning!

Oh my. This is why I end up with so many rescued strays. Wonderful, very descriptive writing.
Awww... *sniff sniff* I really like this. Well done.
I had to go back and read a second time. Didn't quite get it, but then, that's me.

This is quite sad, but true of many people out there who will discard an animal when it becomes burdensome in their opinion.

If God cares for each sparrow that falls from the sky, then I believe He's carin' for our pets as well.
Author note:I Thank all of you for your comments. (we know who the cat lovers/haters are now-lol) To clarify, "scarity" is a made-up word like "ratten" and "growler" and "flameage" I guess that didn't work, huh?
This is EXCELLENT writing and has such a needed message! Too many people have abandoned pets for various reasons, not realizing the consequences to the poor animal.
I love your "made up" words and the wonderful flow of this poem! It's a winner in my book! :)
I love the cute "cat language", the flashback verses, and the emotional impact. Very nice!
I read the other comments, and your author's note, and wanted to say..yes, it did work. Be encouraged! Your made up words made this piece even more enjoyable to me. :D
Aww...poor kitty. I have a yellow tom that I got just like this. Sniff. Very well written!
As a cat lover and any animal lover this tore at my heart as I hate neglect and cruelty. Very well done. God bless.

Really loved this poem. It is so beautiful, sad and unfortunately so very true.
I don't for one moment believe that I will never see my beloved pets again who have gone before me.