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The whole metamorphosis is indeed a miracle from God. A nice entry and if Butterflies could think, I'll bet right on target!
Very nice POV--I enjoyed it both literally and metaphorically.

Purely from a mechanical standpoint, I wonder if it'd be easier on the eyes with the headings in bold and the text in regular print?

Beautiful writing, and I really felt your narrator's joy at the end.
Excellent metaphore. Thank you for sharing, I really enjoyed reading it!
Great entry. You had me wondering for a while, what or who was imprisoned. Caterpillar to butterfly, great use of topic. Nicely done!
Thankyou for sharing the transformation that God can make in our lives. An interesting and unique way of portraying this. Thanks! - Colin
Beautiful! I'm surprised I didn't guess this until the very end. Well done.
LOVELY! I'm glad this wasn't another description of the classic baby being born. You took something old and used and made it into something amazing. The butterfly POV was simply wonderful! A great read!
You did a remarkable job capturing both sets of emotions. Initially, I could feel your MC's pain and then her joy when she was released from the darkness. Well done!
Just wonderful. I didn't know "what" until near the end. Loved the POV.
So different! Creative! Unique! I thoroughly enjoyed this creation. :)
So creative and lovely. Well done!
Pamela, this is a wonderful piece! As I read it, I was wondering what kind of prison this person had made for themselves, and I was surprised when I finally learned the answer! Great writing and an inspiring message for all of us! :) Congrats on placing so high in the top 40 and in Advanced!