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I was with you right up to the end. ;) Now, of course, I'll be awake for hours puzzling over what is wrong with Shawnee. Good writing - as always your gave your MC lots of character in so few words.
You left me with soo many questions! Description of the MC's thoughts and emotions was excellent. But I need to!
I need a few more paragraphs please. Hmmm?
Rich characterization and well- written. I'm scratching my head a bit, too, although your explanation does help some. Kudos for this intriguing piece.
This was so intriguing and well-done, but...! You CAN'T just leave me hanging there at the end! Who's Justin? What is wrong with Shawnee, and what are they going to do to her at the Medical Center? Questions, questions! I want you to write more! :)
Very intriguing and yes, I think a sequel is called for. I'm not too sure which sister I should most be concerned for!
Very well written, but I was left with questions, too. It sounded like she was going back to a mental institution. Or was that an EMT because she cut herself on the glass? I want to know, too! Your characters are so deep and well described. I just wanted about 300 more words. Bravo!