The Official Writing Challenge
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Yes, before and after SIN! What a difference! Well written, no words wasted, yet point well well made!
Forgot to say, I'm so glad God had a remedy in His Son!
very creative and unique formatting. well done!
Wow! This is absolutely great! High marks from me, for presentation, writing, and topic conformation.
Wow! A powerful presentation of the wonder of life in the garden, and the desolation that followed the Fall. And so, so cleverly arranged on the page. This was not thrown together in a couple of hours! Very well done.
Each time I read the poem, I gleamed more from the message and presentation. Fabulous!
The words and the pictures tell this sad story so beautifully. What a well-deserved win! Congratulations!!
Wow! a familiar story told in an unfamiliar way written in a beautiful form. So extremely well done. Definitely a well deserved win!
Really, really, really well written! Congratulations on placing!
Without even reading, this gives a visual interpretation of your message. But reading it makes even better. Congratulations on your EC!
Very creative style and enjoyable prose. Congratulations on a well-deserved win!
Congratulations on your well-deserved EC. The words flowed beautifully and fit your graphics extremely well.
Right on for the topic. Congrats on your EC win. Powerfully written--so much in so few words. GREAT!
Exquisite. I believe you have written the perfect poem. Congratulations on your win!
Sorry this is so late! Congratulations on your terrific placement this week!
I saw on the message boards that you have returned to FW so I thought I'd check out some of your work. This piece gives me goosebumps. I don't remember learning this type of poetry when I was in school but my daughter had an assignment and I fell in love with the technique and have tried it a few times but have never managed to pull it off as expertly as you have! It gave me goosebumps. How wonderful that something you wrote over three years ago can still be blessing people today.