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You nicely conveyed a picture of how this family's Sunday mornings usually "play out" before and after church! I'm sure many people have similar scenarios at their homes and can really relate to your piece.
Interesting take on topic, I don't know if I would have put into verse though. Caused me to it read twice before I got any flow.
I can remember Sunday mornings like this, a ritual, without much meaning-didn't even realize it until after I accepted Christ later in life. I think that's what you are saying here? Shouldn't "The Word" be capitalized? ( maybe a personal pref) Actually, I liked it in a poetic form. Real nice entry, Dub.
I think you have definately captured the average family's Sunday morning rituals, in this piece. And the format you used was certainly interesting as well. Thank you for sharing!
LOL! I know I can certainly relate to this kind of "difference" between the days. I liked the lines with the pink sweater and father searching for the sports section. How very true!
I agree that the poetic approach was very effective. It is also effective that you did not reveal who's POV it was other than one of the siblings. It was kind of like a shared sibling POV.
A classic look at the life of many folks on Sunday. Nice feel to the poem. Well done.