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Your poetry flows off the tongue. Your meter is perfect. This is excellent, with your word choices, rhyming words, and the story you created. Very nicely done!!

I kept puzzling over the letter names, then, I figured it out… it's David, Abigail, and Nabal, right? (I should have read 1 Sam 25, first :) ) I KNEW there was some significance to the letters, Mr. N.. Mrs. A… and Monarch D… This is soooo creative. LOVE it!!!
I was reading back on some older articles, and the name caught my interest. Loved the style of the story! I too was a little confused by the names, but once I reached the end when it said N died, and D took A to be his wife I immediately thought ‘Abigail’. And then David and Nabal. :D Genius!
Somehow the ending just told me who the characters were, and it just made me love the story. And once I figured out their full names, I understood the events the story was describing. I personally like to think through the storied I watch and read, so I loved figuring out at the end who the MCs were. Loved the style you wrote in. A really good read!