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I began to suspect a little more than halfway through. Great ending line "Maybe my connections were not as great..."
A well crafted story. I had
no clue until this: "'Visitors? No wonder you're nervous,' the official responded bluntly." It played out nicely from there! Nice work. :-)

This was well rounded, descriptive. I liked the forgery scenerario which was different. Good entry. God bless ya, littlelgith
Very creative and entertaining. Well done!
Great story!
Great story!
This is well written, obvious talent. Use of words is strong. Enough things left unanswered to pull the reader forward. One little problem, only a vague analogy to a heavenly passage... otherwise no faith or Christ aspect involved (unless I missed something!). Otherwise a powerful entry!
Nice twist. Good job!
Very well written.
I've got to know what happens next!!!! MORE, PLEASE!!!!
Wow. After I read this one, it kept playing over and over in my head.

I thought it was very clever. Once I caught on, I went back and reinterpreted what had happened earlier with my new frame of reference, and it all made sense.

It was the separation of the mother and baby that I found most disturbing, even though it should have been the destination of the mother and bad guy that
made me shudder. That in itself (realizing that I'm not as 'spiritually minded' as I'd like to be) challenged me.

All up, your piece made me think long after finishing it. That for me is a mark of an excellent piece! Well done.
Lois, this is so great! I'm in awe. Your story was so subtle and clever. I agree with Suzanne completely. This one is a winner all the way.

I particularly love this passage:

"No baggage allowed here, Sir. Do you have anything to declare?" He stared at us expectantly, as if prompting a particular response.

Excellent! :)
Great work, as always Lois. And guess what? Once again you were in the semi-finals. It's a rare week when one of your entries doesn't make it onto the semi-final list, so keep the great writing coming. Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)