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Something good comes out of soemthing bad in this story. There are some punctuation errors in the piece. Watch your use of commas. They can be tricky.
I liked your story and the Bible quote was good. Nice dialogue.
I never seem to get that nurse. Different article, but I was there with her.
This confirms what I believe in situations like this: all things work together for good to those who love the Lord.
God always takes the bad and makes it into good. Dialogue was fantastic. Good job!
Great dialog and a super message. A perfect example of good coming out of a bad experience.
Could just be morning denseness on my part, but I'm not clear what happened to her. What she hit by a car?

Deft dialogue, and the opening paragraphs were compelling reading.
Ouch! I'm glad that something good came from your MC's accident. Good illustration of the topic. Kudos.
I like the message, that something good can come from something bad.

I was a bit confused. I thought she had slipped, so the additional lighting part made sense, but not the student escort service part. I apparently missed something.

Good dialogue, and a great take on the topic.
I think this must have been a vehicles hit and grab your bag incident. Interesting piece. Thanks.

She got "rolled," which to me means a purse snatcher (or in this case, a backpack grabber). A good message and a good take on the topic. Nice job, Dub. Not a bad brick afterall! hehe