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This is really good, I didn't know where it was going to end!
Interesting, and so true that people recognise God in us without fully understanding...
The word that comes to mind is, REFRESHING! And a close second is DELIGHTFUL! Enjoyed this immensely. ;-)
Sometimes I read through a story like this slowly to savour the flavor. It was really wonderful! Amen!
God bless ya, littlelight
Enjoyed everything about this entry - from well written - to creative - to great!
I liked this! Witnessing should be natural and you brought that point home.
Great job! This is my favorite line:

"Isabella was a Spanish petite, but the big god inside her raised her stature by at least 2 inches." Awesome!

It was a very enjoyable story all the way through.
Wonderful story! Good job!!
What a lovely and beautifully written story! Thank God for those Jesus freaks and fanatics. Love your title and message.
This story is a contender, to b esure. Well written. So, I'll pick a little. The story is about the meeting of the US officer and the Christian couple. It was mostly from the officers POV. The ending was with his reaction to the encounter. I would have liked to hear this well told story from his perspective. Have him reacting to their dialogue, asking questions, learning what was going on inside his head. BUT that's just my opinion and not worth the 2 cents since I wasn't the author! Still, a contender, indeed. Nice work!
Very nicely written story--held my interest throughout. Your characters showed such ease in sharing God; I wish everyone was as receptive to receive the word as the clerk! I enjoyed the message of how our planted seeds begin to germinate. :) Jo
Very nice :) I really liked the characters.
I especially like these two images: 'the question was wet with suspicion' and 'another fake smile hit the plexiglass'. I could see and hear your characters. Enjoyed it!
I love to be reminded that they who seek, find. You painted a clear picture of your characters' individual and joint journeys and the depth of their relationship. A satisfying ending.