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You've written a creative story for the topic. You've effectively conveyed the mixed-feelings of your MC. I like these sentences. "Somewhere in the future there’s a meeting of the two halves of my heart. Jesus holds them both.
Nice take on the topic. Well written. Good job.
Well written! You could feel the emotions, confusing as they were written. I was a little puzzled over the setting in the second part. A little more description would have helped.
Well done
The stark reality of serving God in foreign missions. Gives the reader something to think about. I know I don't thank those on Foreign fields enough.
A lovely missions story; I love the authenticity of the mix of emotions that comes with being a missionary. Well done!
Very enlightening to how missonaries feel. Nice job!
Homesick...heart split in two...Jesus hold both halves and will unite them in heaven. What a wonderful promise, eh? Nice job on this topic.
I loved this line:
"Somewhere in the future there’s a meeting of the two halves of my heart. Jesus holds them both." I also loved they way you were able to express the heart of a true missionary that I could understand their call and sacrifice.
A very creative take on the topic, and so well done! I loved the two halves of the heart, with Jesus holding them both.
I felt very torn right along with your MC as I read this. You made a good point that God is with us no matter where we live here on this earth. Home is found in Him. I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing!
This is a good accounting for how the missionary feels. A piece of the heart is left in both worlds. Very revealing and authentic.