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You could use the same format for "In & Out" burger chains, from what I've read in the current forums. It was fun wading through this piece and... yes, you are not wrong.
I'm glad Gerald was able to give you an answer to your question. Because I'm sorry to say that I couldn't work out what you were talking about at all. Perhaps it would be helpful to ask someone to proof-read your story before you submit it. I do this myself and it helps me to see where my writing hasn't been as clear as I thought it was.
Allow me to translate:

Generally if we think in a broad manner or in a truthful way about the specific ins & outs of ideas or things, we should accept or retain the good parts and reject the useless parts which harm society.

For example, the world has different currencies with different values. Differences in the valuation of currencies are due to non-standardization by International Law, the United Nation or the World Bank. But now is the opportune time to reform world finances and to adopt and enforce a single currency for the whole world and having equal value all over the world.

This introduction of a standardized, one-world currency will not damage the world’s economy or the economy of any country; rather it will accelerate the development of third world countries.

Therefore, we should urge for the unification of the world’s currencies into a single one-world currency having the same, standardized value worldwide.

Mr. Tiadi also wrote elsewhere ( My intention is to equalize the value of different currencies into a single monetary unit to eradicate poverty in toto from the word, which will not affect either the world economy or economy of any country to establish the Kingdom of God, which was the last desire of Lord Jesus. Hence, pray for me so that by your blessings I will become able to represent the parliament. I am very much interested to be a parliamentarian in India, but recommendation of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi or President of India is required. I need your help as I know the plan of eradication of poverty with many others. Sambhunath Tiadi, Minati Nivas, HIG-221, Kalinga Vihar BDA Colony, Via P.O. Patrapada, District of Khurda, Bhubaneswar, Postcode - 751019, Orissa (India) Mobile- +91-8777816178
Mr. Sambhunath Tiadi, a highly educated Hindu from Orissa in India proposes a one world state, one world government, even a one world religion, and, what here, a one world currency with a standardized value everywhere, and ask, "Am I wrong?"

To answer Mr. Tiadi's challenge:

The world has different currencies because human society is diverse. It is true that the last few centuries have seen a "national" consolidation of currencies, so that each state of the world today has a single official currency instead of several different currencies. It is also true that the same process can be projected forward to the concept of a one-world currency. I cannot deny that it could be practically put in place.

However, that will not achieve Mr. Tiadi's objectives, as he mistakenly believes. Take any country of the world. Values for food and other goods and services can never be standard or standardized, but depend on several factors, which change from place to place.

The world has attempted before the ideas that Mr. Tiadi has suggested: It is called Socialism or Communism, and this has failed miserably, so that no practical statesman tries to follow such an idea.

To achieve what Mr. Tiadi desires needs a huge and expensive bureaucracy, state control of the world's economy (, and repression of economic recalcitrants. That takes us back to the Gulags, pogroms, purges and death camps. Thanks, but no thanks!

Mr. Tiadi is mistaken that his own political and economic program is that of Jesus Christ.

As a matter of fact, from Mr. Tiadi's words, it would seem that he believes Jesus Christ was a failure, that His program was not able to be implemented, and that he (Tiadi) would be the person to revive and implement it.

These are dangerous suggestions. Moreover, they are heretical, blasphemous and sacrilegious. However, given that Mr. Tiadi is a Hindu, and therefore ignorant of the nuances of Christian theology, this can be overlooked.

The Old Testament affirms that the Poor will always be with us. That too is what Lord Jesus taught. Any one (e.g. the Kennedys) who pretends that mere men could abolish poverty are either misguided or plain satanic.

I will however admit that Poverty can be ameliorated. Or, to put it in scientific terms, poverty and deprivation can be reduced and contained, but not totally and eternally eliminated.

Coming back to Mr. Tiadi’s suggestion for a worldwide standardized currency and Communist-style state-enforced single valuation, I would like to question his assertion that these measures “will not affect either the world economy or the economy of any country.” Mr. Tiadi does not provide any basis for this bald assertion. As a matter of fact, from the history of mankind, we see that the contrary is true.

The most outstanding experiment that we have today is the Euro, a currency created as the common currency of all of Western Europe. The countries that now use the Euro as their common currency instead of their former particular currencies have suffered and suffered hugely as a result, with a few exceptions. It has usually been the stronger economies, such as that of Germany, that have suffered. It has resulted in increased unemployment and other social and economic damage. In most of the countries that have switched over to the Euro, there are strong anti-Euro movements.

When a one world currency is put in place, if it is put in place, it will, despite Mr. Tiadi’s assurances, certainly damage the economies of financially stronger states.

Europe got behind the Euro for political reasons: The creation of a unified European Super-Nation, Super-state to rival the United States. But can it be said that people around the world want to see a one-world state and government, as Mr. Tiadi urges? At least among Christians, there is a strong suspicion against a one world state and government as being the probable and possible inauguration of the Reign of the Antichrist. Do Christians really want to accelerate this inevitable disaster?

However, Mr. Tiadi’s program is not merely about the adoption of a single, standardized currency but also of enforcing a standardized value around the world. That is dirigisme, and as before, it will create a great deal of havoc.