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Oh, I like this - creative and powerful...
Wow. So many are hopeless in this world. This is a good insight into one life, shared by so many. The answer is clear, however. Without Christ we don't have the divine ability to make right choices...despair and hoplessness takes over. But thanks be to God...and thank you for writing this, tackling such a difficult topic.
The premise of this reminds me a little of "It's a Wonderful Life."
This is creative and entertaining.
Read like a segment from "Touched by an Angel" Always delivering relevant messages we all can relate to or say by the grace of God it is not me. For red ink, I think the story line could have been tightened by focusing on just one of the issues in the MC's life and the real cause of his crisis. But a good job overall.
Great entry...I liked where the room turned crimson red. if not for the shedding of Christ's blood we would have no hope!
Josh, you had me dizzy spinning in and out the doors. No, seriously, this was right on topic and creative. A good lesson in why we should do things God's ways and not ours. Well done.
A strong message with subtle truths carried through engaging scenes. Very nicely written. I like the way you put across the story by showing the possibilities and then redirecting the MC's attention to the current precarious situation he is in.
What a great, unique slant on this week's topic. I liked how you brought him full circle to his current circumstance. By the time the old man brought him to the present, he really had his attention. Well done!
The best thing you've done mate. It looked like a bit of Dickens in there, but done better.
Excellent storh line, Josh. The most powerful part was the title because the "we" brought the whole thing down to the fact that I am also opening my share of doors. PM me if you would like a simple suggestion that would give it more "Umph".
Your excellent writing painted strong pictures while leaving a wonderful message.
I wonder if when we get to Heaven, God won't show us some of these doors. Great entry.
I like this sort of reverse "It's a wonderful life." You really showed the truth of the choices we make and how God can lead us even when we don't always want to listen to Him. He is drawing us unto Him.
Excellent work in this story. I wish there were more room at the end to drag out that turn in Brian's heart a bit. I don't know, maybe it's me wanting more drama with his realization of who the "bum" is.
Love this premise, Josh. Very powerful way to show others the consequences of their actions--even the ones they hardly realized they were doing!

One tiny suggestion: skip the formal language in the dialogue and write the words as contractions--just the way we'd say them to each other while speaking. It'll flow smoothly and sound authentic--especially when people are speaking angrily to each other! This is a great concept and I like it as much as I like your funny ones.
Great title, Josh. You gave fresh life to a much beloved writing tool. Great job!
Eerie and quite thought provoking. Excellent concept - would have loved a bit more meat about Brian and how he got where he was... but I know space is limited! Great piece.