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A great comment on the agony of those of us whose loved ones walk away from the truth, and our everlasting hope.
A touching story of relationship and hope. Well developed, intense, and meaningful. Good job!
So far I think this is my favorite entry. Very heartfelt, and I liked the glimmer of hope at the end. I can relate to the distance of family members initiated by our relationship with Christ. God bless ya, littlelight
I really enjoyed reading this. I was so happy to see the picture of hope you wrote because so many times we don't know for sure the hearts of our family members.
One of those pieces that touch the emotions. Felt relieved when the ending left a sliver of hope. Well done.

Very nicely done...enjoyed! We surely don't ever know the destiny of another by actions alone. There is always hope. :)
Definately a top 8 contender. Very well crafted. Great use of the theme. Good work!
ooo, I love the hopeful ending, without being too sappy!
A well written story - good descriptions -and a touch of hope.
Enjoyably realistic and well crafted emotions and descriptions.
Makes me want to know 'the rest of the story'!
Oh, my!! This story is so good! It's hard enough to be labeled a Jesus freak by a sibling a couple of years older or younger that has chosen a wrong path, but to know the twin you grew up with and shared so much with is now mocking you? Tightly crafted and no words wasted...very good!
One of my favorites! A top contender indeed!
One of my favourites too. Apart from the main message, which was great (the searching for meaning to life, I believe, with the contrast between the narrator and the brother), I really enjoyed the travelogue. Well done!
Whew! That was GREAT! Val, I love this piece. The twins, the description, the ending with their secret tactile code. Awesome work.