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Wow! I loved this- very creative! And as student of history I really appreciate the subtle connections with ancient Greek myth! Well done!
Very nicely done! Really enjoyed the tension of the unfolding events - especially hearing the voices of the wife and kids but being unable to stay. An effective way to portray the passage to...forever.
Whew! I'm glad this was fiction! Nicely written eeerie tale.
Great tale of Eternity, so many people just keep thinking they have more time and will get more chances, God gives us many chances, but as you have illustrated, even God has limits...
I loved this! Fantastic dialogue.
Ooooh...this left me with the creepy chills! Good job and very creative way to get an important message across.
I especially liked the line: "The ornate gate seemed carved from a single pearl." Good job.
Nicely written piece... good drama at the gate. My only question: "Soon the wailing from behind the wall..." does this imply the family was wailing because dad didn't make it in? Maybe I misread it.
One word: WOW.
Well, maybe another: terrifying.
Nicely done - great piece you have here.
Very well written -clever take on it.
I especially liked the description of the approach to Tierra del Dios. Beautiful! I agree, the references to myth are inspired!
Great work, Bill. Very visual, and well connected to the emotions of your character. Yeggy
Bill, I can't tell you how delighted I was to see your entry in the Challenge in the first place - but then to see it do so well was even better! Congratulations on a very well deserved win. Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
A powerful piece. I am impressed with your work and your bio! Thanks, too, for your words of encouragement to me.
Wow, powerful story. Thank goodness that Jesus is our way to heaven. If it were up to our doing, we'd all end up taking a permanent vacation to La Isla de Los Muertos.
Bill, Great story! Your descriptions are very vivid. Captivating piece. Keep writing, I love your style.
Hello, I was wondering if you could PM me (you can do that even though you don't subscribe) and give me an email address to contact you. Thank you!!