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This story just reinforces how important it is for positive input into our daily lives. The issue then becomes our choice to have positive output. Thank you for your perspective.
What's down in the well does indeed come up in the bucket. This piece encouraged my heart today.
Very, very good lesson. One I can use each and every day. I know a few, very few, people who are like the lady in your church. They truly bless my soul and I long to be more like their example.
Great devotion.
Lovely devotional with a great message.

I like the conversational style.
I really like this-especially: Were you ever chosen by one of your elementary school teachers to pass out papers, clean the board, lead the lunch line? If so, you probably felt proud and wanted to please the one who had put that trust in you.

Who hasn't felt that? I appreciate the connection between that, and how HE has chosen us---
Wonderful devotion with great reminders to us all. God bless. Well done.
Hi, Connie, and thanks for this devotional...we all need to hear it.
I liked the way your story unfolded to reveal the message. You were able to show how everyday occurrences, if observed rightly, can be great teaching tools - straight from the Master's own chalk board.
Interesting analogy and examples! I think the title and ending should have had to do with water instead of aroma, even though the message is the same.
Good thoughts!
Very good devotional with important lessons for all of us to remember. I like how, near the end, you tied your initial illustrations of the bathroom pipes and the comments of the five year old as being tainted vessels. Initially I wasn't quite sure how those related. Again, great thoughts. Thanks for sharing this!
This is quite an insightful devotional/teaching.
A truly fabulous devotional. Wonderful!
Thank you for this devotional. So thoughtful and well presented.