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There is always hope and a future, isn't there? Nice job. Well-written.
This life...a fleeting moment in the scope of eternity...seems so all-encompassing. But this peek into a martyr's death speaks volumes. Thanks for sharing this "eternal perspective". I will remember this story!
Thank you for your article, I wonder if some were faced with this type of persecution how would our faith hold up? Would we be willing to die for the cause of Christ and the gospel? Your article causes me to question myself, and I think many times the answer to be yes, it will be worth it all someday. Wonderful story. God bless ya, littlelight
The ending gave me goosebumps, terrifying, sad, but hopeful. Well written!
A story that reassures us that God's peace is always with us when we know that He has ordered our footsteps. Good Job!
Excellent - one of my favorites this week.
Awesome story! I loved it. The last line was perfect! Good job!
Disturbing. Thought-provoking. Would we be willing to pay such a price? A well-written piece.
I certainly won't complain about the direction. I enjoyed the drama and tension of the read. Good job there! Since it is well written I will pick a little bit. I thought there could be a little more subtlty, especially when her throat was slit. Could have been done "off camara" so to speak. Also, I think the last line would have been better left implied. BUT those are just my 2 cents on an otherwise strong and worthy piece.
Good job. Good reminder that every story doesn't have a "happy ending", but we can all have a "blessed ending". :-)
I got chills! wow!
Your writing gift is WAY ABOVE AVERAGE! Oh my........ My heart is still racing!

A different slant on a popular choice for this theme. Suspenseful read. Encouraging reminder that God brings good out of what we consider 'evil'.
Sandra, this was an excellent entry and I wanted you to know that you were the next in line for the Editors' Choice awards - your entry came in at 9th place overall. So be encouraged and keep the excellent writing coming. With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
Whew! This was gritty. I saw and felt the whole thing. It's a winner in my book. Nice work!