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You gotta love your MC's care of his partner! I should never read these before I meal… you made my stomach growl. Your story kept my attention.
Nice story. Interesting to the end. Good job.
I liked this was very interesting and the voice sounded very authentic (like a cop). Looks like the MC found "candy" for his partner, but it wasn't a Snickers.
Makes me hungry. I like the hunger for hamburgers instead of the 'ol worn out use of donuts and cops.:0) The ending is cute actually. An innocent mistake made. Cleber writing!
Good read. Thought someone might do the hamburger joint. You wove an interesting story.
What??? No donuts? Funny read. Loved the double-double. This was unique and I liked the hopeful outcome too.
I NEVER would have seen that without your brick!! very creative of you!
Cute story. I like the characterization of Kippy...sounds like a cop I wouldn't want to mess with! I would not have seen the joke either without the brick.
I love a good story that keeps you reading and has a satisfactory ending. I'd love to try one of those Double-Doubles too with extra onion and BBQ sauce. Good one Dub.
An interesting read that keeps the reader distracted while looking forward towards the final turn of event. It's been such a long time ago since I last ate the juicy burger at In and Out! LoL (",)
Very Creative...especially for prose.
Very creative, Dub. The title should have been a clue to the joke, eh?