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Oh, how well I can relate! Very funny and honest expressions-- can see the whole scene quite clearly! Good job.
This put a smile on my face! Good job!
Very humorous and fun to read. Nicely done.
ROFL - plastic double-bag “stomach" Seriously?
Great fun! :)
Don't forget the apostrophe S showing possession.
Mother's (dreadful) Day.
It is HER day afterall. ;)
Although I am NOT a mother, I could easily identify with the chaos portrayed in this story. Highly amusing with many a clever insight into family life.
My two guys bring me breakfast in bed, too (my hubby and teen son-it's a safer breakfast to eat now!). My favorite part is hearing them in the kitchen, putting their heads together as they prepare to "surprise" me! So funny and sweet. Your story captures the good and the kinda scary of mom's day.
Loved reading this. I thought of the many surprises I have had for breakfast. Brought back wonderful memories.