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I loved it! Of course, IF I didn't know my Bible, I wouldn't have a clue as to Who, What, Where or When this wonderful event took place. To a non-Christian or non-Bible reader - this wonderful story of Moses' life would be like reading Greek. Topic-wise, you hit the nail on the head. Moses had a hard "row to hoe" - but he was softhearted toward God's people. (most of the time). I really enjoyed the read...and the ending was beaeutiful. Very touching. Nice Job!
I recently read the biblical account of Moses' climb up the mountain to his rest! It is a story of both the grace and justice of God: Moses was allowed to view the Promised Land, but he still had to die without entering it. However, he was allowed to enter the even greater Promised Land above! You did a nice job of bringing this event to life! :)
A wonderfully creative take on the topic, and a piece full of meaning to Christians / those of us who know the biblical account. Very nice.
This first attempt at first person was well executed. I liked how you told, without telling, who your MC is.
Even though I knew where this story was leading, it didn't take away from the intrigue at all. I loved the last line - it was a powerfully strong statement from a man of strong faith. Well done from beginning to end.
Powerful, Seema. Very good job of showing Moses' contemplations as he approached that mountain for the last time. I'd never thought of him being on that very same mountain before. I also REALLY love that last paragraph, and the last line especially.

I hope this isn't the last time you write in first person, OR a Biblical fiction. Very nicely done.