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Excellent! Delightful! Brilliant! Fulfilling! On target Topic-Wise...and what more can I say? This poem is just beautiful and is filled with pure Wisdom and Truth. I loved it and Kudos to you for a great job!
What a wonderful poem. This is actually one of my favorite reads this week (and there are a lot of good stories). Not only did I like the message of the poem but it was well written. You don't see too many three-lined verses. I liked how the last line of every other verse rhymed. You were true to the cadence and rhythm as well. Extremely well done! Thanks for sharing.
Right on. Good rhythm, excellent message. Keep up the good work.
Excellent use of the topic. Congratulations on a much deserved win.
Beautifully put, rightfully honored. Congratulations on this wonderful piece.
You deserve the First Place EC for this wonderfully-written poem! Structurally it is sound, and emotionally it is rich! :) CONGRATULATIONS!!
Nice. I like the small leap at the end.
What a sweet and beautiful poem, and so very true! Congratulations!!
This is so precious and tendder. How sweet the lines flow through this piece. Your words softly held my attention and spoke to my heart. Thanks for writing this. Congrtulations on your win hon. Lord bless you!:0)
I am so impressed! Such a beautiful poem! The words that hit me the most were these "But thats not real life, not if I give it.
Life is experience, you have to live it." Perfect!
Congratulations on winning! It was well-deserved!
Beautiful! Congratulations on winning first place.
This is simply excellent, in form and message. How very very true! You really do "have to live it!" Congratulations on a well deserved win.
Your words made the MC come alive to the reader. Words of wisdom passed on to the younger generation--your title says it all.
Congratulations on placing 1st with this lovely poem.
Absolutely lovely. Congratulations on your HUGE first place EC!
So poignant and perfect. Congratulations on a well-deserved first place!!
I agree that you did a wonderful job with this. Congratulations. It made me think of my own experience as I read it.