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ROFL!!! Someone sure had a bit of creative genius here. LOL! This is simply hilarious and has it's own unique twist to a common "joke" of trying to explain new tech to someone who doesn't really care about it. I like Dorothy's strategy though...cute guys coming to teach her how to use the PC. Good job with this, you had me all the way through.
She's CLEARLY not interested in learning how to use one!
I'm laughing out loud after reading this piece. Excellent work.
I still remember being confused about the whole desktop thing... and I STILL don't get the hardware/software thing. And WHY can't it work just like a TV? I have questions too!

And no my name isn't Dorothy! And I am "only" 36... so don't even go there.


Seriously.. this was very funny (except for those certain parts I mentioned above.)

Never underestimate a Dorothy! (wink)

Thanks for making me smile! I enjoyed the laugh.
I think this entry may be all too true for some of us "not-so-geeky" computer users. I hope I'm this "with-it" when I'm 85. (or 55 for that matter) Good job, lots of laughs.
Charming and enjoyable all the way through. --And a wonderfully creative take on hard and soft to boot. (Would that be go-go boot? LOL) Very well done!
Jester Janoski strikes again! Glory be, talk about a communication breakdown!

I laughed and laughed and then slowed down towards the end, afraid he was going to accept her proposal...after a "whew!" I returned to laughing.

Keep keepin' us in stitches, Sonny!
Wow! This makes even my mom look tech-savvy. Very funny. I have to admit, though, the long title scared me away at first.
Well, young man, you did it again. I'd love for them scientifically medical folks to put a probe on your brain while you're thinking up these things. I'm sure their findings would be amazing. Hilarious! Entertaining! Imaginative! Well done, sir!
Let's face it, this is your make people laugh and see themselves in the picture. I can sooooo see me as Dorothy!
Great story with lots of laugh! It's like a hardware and software thing with a soft floppy and a overly hard disc! Josh, you're doing great with your humorous writing! A joyful heart certainly makes good medicine. Keep up the good work and God bless you!
Hilarious!! I love the creativity here.
Fun, Fun, Fun! :)
Great job all around, Josh.
Oh Josh, what fun! I've got a computer illiterate elderly lady in a story that yours needs to meet. This made me smile. I loved it!
These Geek Guys are intimidating to most of us. I know every time I talk to one or have them come out, it seems like they speak an entirely different language. Loved the refreshing story.
Poor Tim to have Dorothy as his very first pupil. After this, he'll be ready for anything. I think I agree with others, too, that this Dot chick is not so go go as she may seem. I only say that because some of her questions to Tim seemed most reasonable to me. Very witty, very!
This was so much fun, I read it to my husband. As a techie like yourself, he could SO relate! His comment was that you could probably write 750 words about teaching left click vs right click, lol. Very funny, well done!
Woo Hoo! Run for the hills, Tom...I mean Tim. That's just a delightful story!
Yee haw - my computer's working (don't get me started... this thing has been driving me crazy all night...) Anyhow, back to your story. FANTASTIC. Funny, funny, funny - and then it had me thinking (about computers, and being 85, and exactly how cute WAS this guy???) and then it was seriously funny again! Beautiful. And nearly the whole thing was dialogue... how do you do it? Wonderful.
Josh, this is so much fun. I love these two characters. Fantastic job!
This was hilarious. Loved it! Very engaging and kept me reading from beginning to end. You gotta love that old lady indeed!
Well done Josh, you kept the characters intact while maintaining a sense of farce in the scenario.