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An enjoyable story with a great last line.
very rich descriptions -- amazing how much depth you give to these characters. Great twist.
Great characterizations. I loved the twist at the end! Very nice.
Excellent story-telling! You really did bring your characters to life. Loved the twist at the end. Very satifying story.
Excellent. I was worried with your MC about those cut fingers, until I realized it was those sharp barber sheers. The descriptions and the flow are well done.
Nice twist! A little nit-picky thing...I would introduce the sister's name and the fact that she is the sister, earlier in the story. It always trips me up when "She" is used for a few paragraphs before the name is mentioned. But this was a cute and clever story. Nicely done!
I liked this and the twist at the end. Good job! Well written.
You really are a master of characterization. You make them very real. I enjoyed the story and the twist.
Wow! This shows how you can live with someone and not really know them or the details of their life! Dana wasn't the only one surprised in the end! :) Nice story!
How you made cutting hair so interesting is beyond me. I was glued to the page the entire time. The ending seem djust right. It was surprising, but not at all far fetched. It definitely explained the cuts from the beginning of the story. Thanks for sharing, Sara! :)