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I love your entry, very tongue in cheek, yet so true. Things seldom turn out the way we have envisioned them. Great job.
I really like this. Funny, realistic, and with Christian hope. I love the combination.
Your title drew me and I was expecting something just a little different :-)

But this had me nodding my head in sympathy of plans not going right, of raided pantries, empty bank accounts and the mild regret of not having a team of Navy Seals handy.

Delightfully tongue-in-cheek but also full of the truth of Romans 5:3-4.

Good job.
Ever such a clever commentary. I found a couple of your transitions a bit sudden and I had to backtrack to work out what was going on. Perhaps an extra paragraph break here and there would have made it flow more smoothly. But all very true and passionately expressed.
Congrats on receiving an EC for your challenge piece. Well done.
I was expecting one thing from your title but got something completely outside the realm of what I was expecting. I wasn't disappointed though because as I continued to read, it became clear that the title was appropriate. There's so much truth in what you've written. Quite thought provoking. Congratulations on your recognition.
There is certainly a lot to think about here. As a woman with no children, you also gave me reason to Praise God!
(just kidding, of course) Good job, and congratulations.
Oh my goodness...I absolutely LOVED this. I was grinning from jump with your title, but when I got to, Did I spank them enough? Well, that's when I snarfed on my keyboard. So very, very funny. Congratulations.