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Oh this is SO clever! Very good writing ~ message with a punch. Loved it!
HAHA! Totally hilarious! I loved this. I am going to show it to my pastor.
I love it!

You totally captured the flavor (pun intended) of an infomercial.

And made a point with ease. Nicely done!
Oh boy. What a tongue-in-cheek entry;) Very different;) Very good!!!
This one is right on the money! Well done!
Very tongue in cheek infomercial, with a sobering truth tucked in. Very creative and fun to read.
Hilarious! I wish I could write something so clever at the spur of the moment! I can just imagine how excellent this would be if you'd worked on it for more time!
Josh, I read this early on and waited to comment since I also enter this level. The name capured my attention. My husband and I died laughing all the way through this one, getting up often to warm up our lukewarm coffee. Just brilliant! On topic, engaging, funny and yet a lesson for all.
You are a very creative writer.
Fantastic - utterly fantastic. Quick, sly and witty with a great message. Dare I compare it to Screwtape Letters??? Loved it, loved it, loved it.
Josh, you sure know how to use 15 minutes! I loved the wit in this piece. Take another 15 minutes next week and get us another masterpiece.
What made it so much fun was how real it sounded. Loved it!
Fifteen minutes? Josh, you should do it more often :-)

Yep, this one definitely had the "Janoski Jocularity". You do such a good job with humour, but this one packed a punch as well. Good job my friend.
Oh my goodness, Josh! I laughed so much...unbelievable. This was a great story and to think you wrote it in such a short time...well, it's just not fair, dude!

I tell you, if you had had 20 minutes instead of 15, you would have caught the eetsy beetsy mistake of "sinking your teeth into" soup (which, of course, you can't do :)

To people who can write stuff like this in 15 minutes, I say, "GET OUTTA HERE!"

After that sale's pitch, how can I refuse? I want to buy some, but when I called that number it was disconnected. Can you imagine? What's going on - is it all sold out. Darn, I knew I should have acted quicker. Please let me know when you get back in stock.
Good work, Josh. Now you know you can always start a second job in Advertising and Sales!
Extremely creative and entertaining, with a great message thrown in. It only took you 15 minutes? This would have taken me two weeks of blood, sweat and tears to write. You do have a gift!
Loved this approach to this topic. Good job.
A little facetious, are we? This is a very unique way to present this message, but it comes through loud and clear, with humor, besides.
Agh! The dreaded sixth spot! So good, though, Josh! Looking forward to meeting you (and your lovely fiance?)at the conference.
Absolutely fantastic, Josh! So clever and well-written...I love it!
Equally onorous to not having much time to write lately is not having much time to read either. I'm enjoying catching up with one of my favorite humorists, who can manage to weave in a keenly cautionary tale amongst an overt satire of info-mercials.
Another humor-filled piece. Josh, stick to writing funny pieces. It's your gift. :-)