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Well, I can't see to type for the tears in my eyes. So sorry. You shared it well. May your hearts slowly heal.
My heart breaks for yours...I am so sorry. Your love for Samson shines in this piece, and your heartfelt prayer to your Lord shows your faith and trust in Him. I like your image of Samson riding proudly in your Bug and running with vigor in Heaven...where a bowl of ice cream every day won't hurt him a bit. :-) His blessings to you.
We are kindred spirits, for I too lost my beloved dog Toby on January 15, 2009. As I read your story, it was as if you knew my story exactly. We had to put Toby down after his cancer diagnosis. Toby had been with us for 10 years and he was our "Rescue" dog. We rescued him from the pound and one day he pulled my youngest home on a sleigh after he wiped out. Picture a toothless 6 year old coming home saying, "Toby is a Reth..scue dog." He was our big black lab...and I truely know your sorrow. Now that it's spring, we miss him terribly! Thank you for writing this! You are a great writer!
And I know Samson and Toby will be pals in heaven playing ball with they're not alone...they're happy as ever!
Oh dear.... sigh. I, admittedly, am not a dog owner but this piece tore my heart right out of my chest. Sigh (wipe away a tear). Truly, truly a beautiful tribute. Awesome.
So sorry for your loss.

Good job of getting the words out, sometimes that's the best way to release the pain.
Love this. Having received a puppy for Christmas this year in the midst of a very emotional turmoil time for me, I instantly was struck with God's unconditional love for me through my new furry friend. Thanks for sharing this.
I believe God shows us His love through lots of things, especially best friends and our pets. So sorry for the loss of your Handsome Samson.
I've been in that same sad spot...several times, and you expressed it perfectly. I'm glad God put such unconditional loving hearts in our pets.
Aww, what a tender story. Very descriptive, and easy to relate to. In fact, I was right there with you. It is so hard to put a pet down.