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Oh, this was clever & punny! (I'm a pun-enthusiast). The MC was the pillar of smoke and fire, right?
Clever and creative.

With such an unusual POV, I think it'd be better to let your readers know right away "what's" speaking. I was confused all the way through until nearly the end when I finally got it.

I'd never have thought of this story for this week's topic--well done!
A very interesting point of view. It took a little bit, but I figured it out. :)
I agree with what everyone else had said.

First of all, this was INCREDIBLY creative! I would have never thought of using this POV, but it fits the topic perfectly.

Second, if you introduce the MCs right away, then it makes the story much easier to follow. I figured it out by the end though.

Regardless, this was a unique entry that was a lot of fun to read, and I appreciate you sharing it with us. :)