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This is so poignant! I loved the father/daughter bonding. With each rise of the swing u-u-u-p, I was swaying with you. I appreciate your title and how it compliments your ending.
An entry like this one reminds me to cherish the time that I have with my small children and the time that I have left with my parents. Thank you.
Very sweet story. I like how you captured the sweetness of a Father/daughter relationship.
Awwwww, a tear-jerker, and very sweet.
Such a sweet story! I love it!
What a lovely story! Very well done and heartfelt.
I was a daddy's girl, and this sweet story struck a chord deep in my heart.
Very good writing, and a very sweet story. Your word choices bring the tenderness out in the story.

Try to avoid using cliches like "in a blink of an eye." Your writing is much more creative than that--don't rely on what others have written.

Wonderful entry--good job with the topic.
This was really a sweet story and told very well. I enjoyed the following line especially: Lovingly, she fingered the links of the familiar chains; remembering those days with her dad This kind of writing brings a story to life. Good job!
Such tender moments evident of the love and trust between father and daughter. My entry was a complete opposite of yours. Such a contrast. Mona
Oh dear. Tissue needed here. A beautiful, tender story with emotion tied in tight. You did extremely well with describing the learning process of swinging high - a difficult thing to describe! The ending was sooooo sad. I know, I know - triumphant and hopeful, but still a little sad!
A sweet and tender story, lovingly told. My favorite line: "... nodded fiercely, excitement and fear swirling around in her heart and mind. Ok Daddy, she said knowing she could trust him completely."
This says so much about you as a writer being able to identify with your characters. We both thought of swings for this week's challenge I think you executed yours beautifully and will stay with many hearts for a long time to come. Well done!
You captured the relationship of this father/daughter very well. You story is tender and I enjoyed reading it.
I love this entry. It was so sweet. What sweet, tender memories you wrote about. Very nice job and congratulations on your placing, too!
Congratulations, Karlene! This was a wonderful piece. I am so grateful for my daughter's relationship with her dad...your piece brought back sweet memories.
WELL DONE, my friend!!

YAY you! :)
Your descriptions of the father/daughter relationship were tenderly and lovingly portrayed. Each blessed the other. Great piece.
What a lovely love story between father and daughter. Congratulations on a well-deserved honor.
This nearly brought me to tears at the end. You captured this week's topic perfectly with this piece. What seemed like such a simple story turned out to have much depth to it. I enjoyed this very much, and I appreciate you sharing it.