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This one made me smile :) What clever use of 'up' and 'down'! Very quirky and unexpected.
I smiled at your "tiny teacup pup" and his "venturing out of the cup". :) This is super creative and so entertaining!
I agree! Very entertaining with a point to match!
Brilliant. Totally captivating. The verses left me smiling and happy, and the last line made me laugh.
As I read this, I could well imagine it as a children's story with animated pictures. It was so well done. It took me along on the journey with your Pup and Clown.
LOL--you've got to love a poem with a title like that!

And the last few lines made me grin like a doofus, right in the middle of giving a test on...would you believe it?...poetry.

Really fun poem, Henry. You going to have Dot and Mold in the next one? :-)
Delightful for children...and adults.
That was great. Loved it! Think it was my favorite read all week so far.
Henry, this is so different, fun and one just out of the box. Grabs you and takes you down with it.
Best. All. Week. I absolutely loved this (and I hate clowns)! Excellent!
Chuckle, chuckle. I like this, especially the last few lines. Thumbs up!
This is wonderful. You brought a smile to my face... :)