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Since I can't offer any advice, I'll just say - wait. God has His purpose in that also. Your "rant" was genuine, passionate and heartfelt. (a year will go by faster than you think).
I wish I could offer some advice--but I'm no where near this situation in life to start with. I enjoyed your entry!
You are doing the absolute best thing you can. PRAY... and don't force your own will into the picture. Great job. Thank you for sharing your heart and struggle with us.
Life and love are full of their ups and downs, but you've got the perfect solution...prayer :) Thanks for sharing with us!
Time has a way of dragging on when we are anxioius to start something new, but it does eventually pass. One day there will be no more need for good-byes, just good morning as you start your married life together. Keep praying, God's leading is always the wisest.
Thank you for sharing! All along while I was reading this, I was saying, "I'd pay the $2,700 in a heartbeat to be with my love." But then I am not walking in your shoes. Hope you get it all sorted out. God will find a way! And GREAT writing by the way!
Oh, I could feel your dilemma with every word. Hang in there...with Him, all things are possible.
I love your line, "find love in Loveland".. :) Your connection to "up and down" is perfect! Calling money "Benjamin Franklin's" is so creative! Praying about your dilemma too.
I'm a hopeless romantic and I, too would shell out the $2700 in a heartbeat. True love counts no cost, right? But then love is patient, too. Goodness, issues of the heart have a way of getting all tangled up, don't they. Shakespeare did say something about their being a "tide in the affairs of men" - but I don't think he was talking of love, but maybe he was. I'll have to research that. Oh the other hand, maybe you should simply pray the prayer that never fails: His will be done. Good thing I'm not a writer for an advise column, huh! Anyway, good luck in bridging that two-hour chasm. Great writing, by the way : )
Excellent writing and yes $2,700 is a lot of clams. However, God will supply all of your needs according to His riches in glory. I think God carries that much in his money clip :)
All I can say is, "I feel for ya."
This has the feel of a journal entry, very raw and honest. I like that.
You could probably take this later on and turn it into a "pre-marital" article for those hopelessly in love and think they are the only ones with struggles. Who knows how God will work this out for HIS glory!