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This is a chilling tale of a mom with post natal depression. You gave good insight on how a person gets to this despondent place. Your title is leaves the reader with hope for this family.
Wow! Definitely a difficult subject, one that is so real and tragic. Your writing is very good.
You have captured the topic very well; post-partum depression, on top of being a first-time Mom, and having a busy husband. As mentioned above, your title does give hope that your MC will make it through. Well done.
You really showed the mc's feelings for the reader. I almost felt like I was carrying her heavy weight of depression. Good job.
A beautiful and haunting peak into the life of a new mother. I felt heavy for her. The crispness of your writing was perfect. Well done.
This was well written of those early mommy days, the difficulties and how depression can settle in and how the child calls us to hope and life. Well written.
Real life displayed in print to bring awareness to what is more common than we think. Well-written.
I wanted to give her a hug, and tell her "this too shall pass" with time. Heart wrenching, really good writing.
You did a good job describing the baby's "rooting" for food. Your description of her depression was didn't tell us she was depressed, you showed us her depression. Well done!
Although I've never dealt with post-partum, I have experienced depression- you nailed it. Wonderfully written with a very difficult subject.