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Connie, I loved the contemporary twist on this great bible lesson. When I first saw the topic, my first thoughts were See Saws as a child, then elevators (use one every day at work) and then emotions and how they can up one minute and down the next. Thank you for your wonderful stories!
What a novel take on this story. And it certainly goes with the "up and down" topic. Great job!
I loved that Zach double-parked his Lexus...great indicator of his "me-first" attitude! I like your revealing of his character as you updated this story. Great job!
I enjoyed the "Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae" reference in your story. Loved your modern-day Zacchaeus-with-his-Armani-suit story. :) This is so cleverly done!
How creative! What an great spin on a Biblical story, and spot on topic. I loved the little details you wove in. Very well done!
Wonderful version of this well-loved Bible story. And a perfectly-clever twist on the topic. I loved it!
Great present look at a Bible story favorite. Well done!
From the moment I recognized who Zach was, til the end, I had fun reading this. It's a fantastic retelling of the story.
Clever retelling of a great story. Why did Zach want to mend his ways??? Liked the line about his neck "stretched out like a cobra stalking a sewer rat." Awesome visual!
This is a great retelling of a Bible story! I enjoyed this...