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Well, I can relate to this story,sort of. In seven years of marriage,my husband and I have moved six times. But, I might add, only once did we live in a two story
You did a nice job of writing and telling your tale of woe.
I think you have a clear and an easy read.
Iris Whitney
We always remember going upstairs... never downstairs. I liked that! I always thought I'd like to live in one of those three-story Victorian houses, but I know it would have some real disadvantages. Thanks for sharing this well-written personal experience!
What a witty, fun voice--I can really hear this done as a comic monologue.

A few tweaks, or a closer edit, needed in a few spots-nothing major.

What I loved most about this is that despite its complaining tone, the love of the narrator for his wife shines through.
Love the voice - mostly because it's YOURS, my friend. I could hear you telling me this, sitting in the Radisson lounge a couple years ago.
Oh the joys of multiple levels in the house. I'm always forgetting something and with a largish(?) family laundry would definitely replace the stairmaster.

Hmmm... maybe I ought to consider that... what a fitness program!
Loooved the personal memory story! Great writing!
Charming! I laughed about kids bouncing down the stairs. We had a three story house for most of my growing-up years, and I had great fun on those stairs! A lovely entry with a great voice.
I smiled at your "don't live in a three story house and own a 'Stairmaster', it's redundant." Now I'm looking forward to hearing about the "history of the piano." :) I enjoyed your humor! Well done!
Love the voice. So very funny. Living in a 2-story house for 20 yrs, I especially appreciated the line about the stairmaster. Great job with the topic.
we almost bought a house with 2 sets of stairs, one went up from the kitchen and the other from the front entrance. I'm very glad we changed our minds! Great story.
I really enjoyed this and having lived on at least two story homes, I could really relate. My first house the only bathroom we had was upstairs and pregnant or potty training, that is a pain when living room, kitchen, and dining room were downstairs. Loved this approach to topic.