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Heart wrenching tale which I'm afraid happens in real life much more than we will ever know.
Thought provoking and, sadly, true to life.
Excellent title for this piece...especially since the people who should have known truth were the ones who did not see it, or perhaps, did not want to see it. Shades keep out the light, but the Light always bears witness to the truth. You told this painful story with simple, straightforward language that restores the dignity that this young girl lost. How wonderful it is that He does more than restore our dignity, He heals us and makes us new!
Oh wow! Such a chilling story. It breaks my heart knowing this happens. I'm glad there is a righteous Judge. Your play on word with your title is good. Excellent work on this.
Beautiful writing about a difficult subject. Great entry.
What a sad story. Very well written. I got confused with your use of italics.
Loved the title, hated the story - but you wrote it so well and it is a story that unfortunately happens more often than we could even imagine. When you think about all of the little girls that just "disappear" it makes this story very revealing. Good job!
The chilling shades was a creative way of including the theme into the story. What a sad story which unfortunately is lived out by so many children. These type of stories remind us to pray for these wounded little ones. They also remind us not to bury our heards in the sand but to keep our eyes and ears open to what is going on around us.
A tragic story well told. It so made me wish the mc or the neighbor girl had told someone who might believe her, but this way it is even more realistic.
What a dark world we live in. That fact is so relevant in the face of the staggering numbers of abuse. You approached a difficult subject, and handled it very well. I hoped Molly would be safe, but your ending made it more poignant. (It also gave the reader pause to think about the cause of her drowning. Accidental or not...)
How long before the monster approaches Alice?

I cried for Molly, and all the others, boys and girls, in her situation.

Very well written.
Wow, what a shocking ending. This held my attention. You did well with this.
I only know too well this reality...this was heart-wrenching. Such a scary place for any child to be. This hit close to home in too many ways. Well-written.