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Creative take on the topic. Loved the characterization of the apostles, and definitely a fun read with a great message.
A GREAT read! I laughed out loud, several times.

The epilog seemed a bit tacked on--it might be a stronger piece without it.

I've just gone back and read this again--it's even funnier the second time. Excellent.
I loved this dialogue! I had to read it to my husband. He is still laughing about "boney knees". Thank you for this wonderful read. I can picture the disciples having a conversation just like this!
This was right up my street - the sort of insulting, affectionate humour that my home city is known for. I laughed and smirked and groaned all the way through.
As with some of the others, I had a problem with your epilogue. I appreciate that it serves as a more serious explanation. But if everyone has since died, then who's narrating the epilogue?
I enjoyed this. It plays to my own keen curiosity of what these men were actually like and what sort of conversations went on behind the scenes.

I also enjoyed the epilogue. You had your fun, and then you closed with a serious and thoughtful focus. (Of course the speaker would have been St John and it might have been good to leave him alive.)

There is a movie called St John in Exile, a monologue set on the Isle of Patmos. It also has both the serious and the humorous aspects.
Yes, the writer was John. Church history/tradition tells us John alone died a non-violent death and that he lived to age 100. He was speaking of the deaths of the Twelve, his own still being in the future. Obviously a bit confusing to readers.

Thanks for the comments, everyone.
Congratulations on your highly commended. This is very, very funny. Excellent job.
What a very witty entry! The characters came to life before my eyes. I can well imagine this kind of exchange between the disciples.
What comes across to me is how easy things seem when you watch 'the master', and then you try to do them... oh dear! Very funny but makes a good point too.
I enjoyed this! Very nice! I liked the epilogue at the end because it gave such a a clear explanation of how "foolish" the kingdom of God seems to this world. Well done and congrats on the highly commended! :)